Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 - HERE WE GO!!!!

Hi Everyone......well 2011 has certainly started off a little rocky...I was hoping to have more posts, contests, and such but alas, life got in the way......

First off, my 12 yr old Calico "Peaches Boom-Boom Larue" became seriously ill. She was in the kitty hospital for a week and I was going there before, during, and after work to sit with her. We almost lost her twice. For those of you who know me, even a little bit, you know that I do not take the health and love of my animals lightly.  Mike and I choose to not have children and instead filled our home with rescued animals. I consciously took on the responsibility of keeping them safe, loved, and healthy. Part of that responsibility is listening to the veterinarian and not giving up just because, "it's an animal". Now Peaches is back home and a diabetic. We are treating it with diet and she is all back to normal, the sweet dainty girl she is.

The rescue I volunteer for, Educateabull.org also had a busy close out to the year. The two fundraisers I helped organize, The Dog Wash at Tubby's in Angola, and Barksgiving at the Fairgrounds were the two highest earning events of their kind! I was very proud! The non-profit paperwork is moving along like molasses but we are getting there. I just received notice that the incorporation with the State is DONE!! Yahoo!

Now my goal for 2001 is to get organized, and get more involved with the CTMH scrapbooking part of my life. I found over the past 6-9 months that when I was getting really stressed out with work and educate a bull, and friends, and family that the only thing besides my animals that brought me peace was sitting down and creating a card, or a project or even just a 12x12 page. Scrapbooking truly does calm my soul. I am going to try and take part in some of the various challenges that are available throughout the Internet and hope that some of you all will join me with this. I am also going to get back to monthly challenges on my own site starting Feb 1st. I am really hoping to get my friends and scrapbooking partners motivated and getting where they are able to find time to scrap and create on a regular basis. Awwww, don't I love to dream!

I have just finished a banner of my sweet "babies" that I have hanging in my living room above my telephone table. It is a new CTMH product. All of the papers, and the pleated ribbon were from the Wings WOTG.
I think this paper pack is really awesome...the color scheme is different and the patters are very unique.

I also did a candle/card workshop in November with my group of friends. The candle stamping was a HUGE hit! Here are a couple of pictures:

And here is a picture of a winter wreath I made with pinecones and pages out of an old book I had:

As of February 1st the new 2011 Spring/Summer book goes live. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or gathering with a make and take email me or call me to set something up....If you want to have a party and just don't have the time to set aside to have everyone come to your house, think about doing an online party! Just contact me for more information.....

Friday, December 3, 2010

November 2010 - Challenge Winner!

We have our first winner in our monthly creative contest!

It is Liz VanCheri!!!!! Congratulations Liz! She won the November contest that asked you to make a project incorporating the word friend. Liz submitted a gorgeous two page layout that was absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much Liz for taking the time to submit this layout, you have one the free stamp set! Below is pics from her submission.....

Wonderful work Liz! Don't forget to take a look at December's contest! Happy Scrapping!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Contest.........November update

Well Believe it or not but December has arrived. And with it a truck load of snow! I have been sitting here at work all day watching the snow fall, and fall, and fall. Good thing my car is currently a the shop getting new winter shoes put on and an alignment and new wipers....after that I am ALL SET! Poor, but all set!

Anyways, we had two submissions for the November contest....I have posted them on my ctmh consultant forum for my fellow consultants to vote on for three days. I will let you know on Dec 3rd who the winner of the wonderful stamp set is! Thank you Liz VanCheri and Melissa Guido for your submissions, they were equally beautiful and much appreciated!!!! 

Okay, now for December.....your challenge is to make something that incorporates new....in fact it is for anything regarding renewal, or refresh, anything that represents a new fresh start....let your imaginations run wild! Don't make it harder than it is! Just get creating! I hope to have more than two submissions this month! 

If you have any questions please email me at followmyleadonline@gmail.com

Remember it just take one hour of commitment to create a masterpiece!!!

Decembers winner will win a free, recipe/photo box!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov Monthly Challenge "Friend"---My example

Hi all,

Here is my example that I made for this month's challenge. It took me a total of 2 hours from start to finish. I started it at 7pm and finished at 9pm. This is quickly becoming my stress reliever. I don't have children like allot of my followers...but between my dogs, my house, the countless hours I put into Educate a Bull on a daily basis along with my full time job I too have allot of trouble trying to find the time to scrap. But I have been forcing myself to dedicate a total of 5 hours a week to scrapping and have found it allot easier to find. When I told my husband about it he quickly became one of my biggest supporters and makes sure I find that time. I hope all my followers,find time for themselves. I think allot of the time women give so much to their family that they tend to forget about themselves! If you have figured out for yourself how to carve a small amount of time for you, please share it with us in the comment section. It just might be the inspiration one of my other visitors need!

November 2010 - Challenge #1

Hi Everyone! Today kicks off our monthly scrapbooking challenge! I am so excited to see what type of projects come through!

The first of every month I am going to post up a challenge to all who want to partake.

To submit your entry:
All entries will be due the last day of that month. Please email all entries to me at followmyleadonline@gmail.com. All submissions will be loaded onto my blog once the contest is over.

I will then post these entries on my CTMH forum and have other CTMH consultants vote them on them for 3 days.

The entry that wins will receive the prize that is being offered for that month! The prizes will vary from month to month and will be announced with the challenge on the first. Hopefully we will be able to get some sponsors so the prizes can get better and better!

Okay here goes your first challenge:

November 2010 your challenge is:
The word FRIEND. You can use any variation of the word like friendship or friendly, just make sure your project, whether it be a card, scrapbook layout, etc...contains some form of the word friend.

Breakout those scrapbooking supplies, get your creative juices flowing, but most of all, HAVE FUN!

I can't wait to see everyone's submissions!

Prize for November 1st scrapbooking challenge is:
New St. Nick CTMH STAMP SET!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Fur-Babies!

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Blog candy worth $250.00 including 36 copics!!!

It's blog candy time again.....One of my fellow , bloggers is holding an awesome contest over at The Stamping Boutique. CLICK HERE To check it out!!!!!